What Firm of the Future authors do in their firms

Whether it’s Thanksgiving or any other time of the year, you’ll want to show your staff appreciation for what they do: Consistently support you and your firm, and in many cases, help grow your firm.

We asked some of our Firm of the Future authors to tell us how they show appreciation. Here’s what they had to say.

Marissa Jones — Carpe Digits

Responsible corporate sustainability and thoughtfulness is important to us. We use Motivosity to support employee retention by enhancing the experience of the employee through peer-to-peer recognition, communication, surveys, rewards,and insights. In Motivosity, you can allow employees to choose what they want through gift cards and customized storefronts.

This season we are also connecting AXOMO, a custom swag store, to Motivosity so that employees and clients can choose from a variety of high-quality branded gifts. We feel that allowing employees to choose what they want is an important part of sustainability for the planet. According to AXOMO, 52% of corporate gear is thrown away or regifted. So along with traditional bonuses, we want our employees to be able to choose the branded gifts they will actually enjoy, or they can bank their rewards and save them.

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