Meet your virtual team

Our team believes that partnerships are the key to success. We strive to create strong relationships with our clients, vendors, and stakeholders in order to provide the best services and solutions. We recognize the importance of working together to achieve goals.

Carpe Digits Ethos

The vision of Carpe Digits is to create lasting prosperity and open up opportunities for Founder striving to achieve success. We pledge to be the best “Growth Partners” to Founders and their teams, fostering an environment where the odds of success dramatically increase.

In order to fulfill this vision, we will collaborate with early stage companies, offering flexible support where necessary. We are aware that early stage companies benefit greatly from having access to funding, effective capital deployment, and a thorough a deep understanding of product market fit.

Our goal is not just to ensure the success of one company, but to foster a positive environment where prosperity is shared and humankind can rise together towards a brighter future. Carpe Digits stands for helping companies succeed in the early stages of development, and giving back to society to close the loop of prosperity.

About Our Vision
marissa jones carpe digits

Marissa Jones

CEO // Founder & Futurist 🚀

Marissa is a strategic growth planning advisor. She currently owns multiple CAS firms and is actively involved in the startup ecosystem. Marissa has an innate ability to recognize gaps in the market and search for innovative solutions to solve those problems.

jordan mindoro carpe digits

Jordan Mindoro

Controller // O.G. of Carpe Digits & #'s Historian 🔍

Jordan is the O.G. of Carpe Digits and has been with us since inception. While working for Carpe Digits Jordan passed his CPA exam in 2023. Jordan is a master at sales tax, people, payroll, and JE’s. He loves Korean food and LOTR on repeat. You can talk to him about topics in Public Finance, or don’t. 😜

jeremy niswonger carpe digits

Jeremy Niswonger

CPA // Tax Planner & 🔍🚀

Jeremy is a CPA and tax guru. Jeremy's super power is to make tax feel simple. He specializes in complicated financial reporting, tax preparation, tax modeling, and tax planning.

carpe digits joe palmieri

Joe Palmieri

All Things Sales Tax & #'s Historian 🔍

Joe is proactive and actually enjoys diving into the nitty gritty of sales taxes nuances and simplifying complexities. New Yorker to the core, when he’s not dominating sales tax, you can usually find him rooting for a win for the New York Giants.


Belén Argañaraz

CPA // Argentinian Super Star & 🔍 🚀

Belén is a highly precise CPA; currently pursuing an MBA. In addition to this, she has Quickbooks Online, Advanced and Payroll Certification. With a continuous learning, she finds joy in travel and outdoor pursuits, living by the ethos: "Embrace the journey, not just the destination."

Our Clients

Starting a business is stressful. You’ll be trying to manage all the different departments with limited time and resources. Let us take finances off the table for you.

Our clients agree that by using our services, they’re able to allocate almost all of their time to what matters most, their business. Take a look at some of our clients below.