Proactive + customer centric finance team to help you seize numbers so you can grow faster. We are committed to being your growth partner by helping achieve strategic goals and maximize potential for success.

Startup Growth Partners

We are the finance team that grows with you. We lean in where it counts and go the extra mile to get you where you want to be. From seed to series, we have you covered.  As one of the most trusted accounting and advisory firms, we strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of service, utilizing our expertise in GAAP principles and industry best practices to help them create and maintain board ready financial statements. We are committed to helping our clients achieve their strategic goals and maximize their potential for success.

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Carpe Digits Tech Stack


Carpe Digits’ recommended accounting tech stack will streamline your monthly close process, optimize data, aggregate systems, and deliver insights as your single source of truth. Having a SSOT will enable you to gain greater insights and make informed decisions quickly.

Partnering with the best performers in accounting tech stack to improve efficiency and deliver faster month end close, so you can make decisions faster and focus on what matters most.

Custom Dynamic Dashboards

Carpe Digits offers a solution designed to make it easier for companies to track and monitor their key performance indicators (KPIs). We provide visibility into data that is relevant to specific roles or departments, allowing organizations to make better decisions by quickly understanding their business performance. With Carpe Digits, companies can get a granular look at their data, enabling them to create actionable insights in a timely manner. By giving teams and departments the ability to monitor their performance, Carpe Digits helps organizations to stay agile and competitive.

Cross Functional Reporting Dashboards

SEED to SERIES we have you covered

Pre-built data integrations identify visitors by their industry, company size, funnel stage, advertising campaign and web activity.

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Cash Runway and Gross Burn Rate Chart

Runway & Burn Rate

Cash runway and burn rate reporting are essential tools for business owners and investors to measure the financial health of a business. Cash runway is a measure of the amount of time a business has before it runs out of cash, while burn rate is the rate at which a business is spending its cash reserves. By tracking these metrics, companies can get a better picture of the potential financial risks they are facing and adjust their strategies accordingly.

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See how your personalized experiences are performing with our automatic hold-out testing and analytics dashboard.

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Here are just a few reasons that founders love Carpe Digits

"Carpe Digits has helped our firm have a grasp on day to day financials while also laying the ground work for future growth. Their partnership has been instrumental in our success as a business. "

"Carpe Digits has been a huge factor in the success of my business. Their service is top-notch, super professional, and I highly recommend them."

"Carpe Digits has been instrumental in the growth and organization of our businesses. Ranging from financial advise to everyday bill pay and daily accounting services. Best in the biz! "
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David Ruiz
"Carpe Digits is a very reliable source of information and intelligence that allows me to run my business in a fast, efficient and professional way. Even though we're 9 hours away I feel like I can always count on them for fast responses and having informed conversations."
"Without Carpe Digits we would be spending more than half our time on accounting issues instead of growing our business. We would not be where we are today if we didn't have Carpe Digits as an extension of our team."
"We have had an amazing experience with Carpe Digits and always recommend the company to friends we meet. "